Snowy Storm
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Forecasters warned us; they tried to prepare us, they told us again.

Sure as snow is white, there it came! A blizzard leaving us with twelve inches of snow, a strong north wind, and temperatures of minus 20 below!

There we were, the five of us, alone together. We knew it would be several days before we would see a snowplow to clear our roads. I thought it was great. Now I had my family all to myself.

After the snow ceased to fall, the sun came out and the scenery was spectacular. The lake looked like a painting. The wind had blown the snow into drifts of every depth. The sky was a brilliant blue with a mist of soft clouds. The trees and bushes glistened under their piles of snow. One could truly see God’s paintbrush at work.­­

Inside, we were warm and comfortable. Living several miles from town, we were in the habit of stockpiling our food. We had a fireplace, and a woodshed full of oak and birch logs. Snowstorms were a part of our life.

The first two days everyone had their own projects and interests so life was peaceful. Naps were taken, cookies were baked, many meals were shared, snow was shoveled and phone calls were made.

But by day three, things changed. Minor disagreements began to flourish, the feeling of confinement was strong, and boredom was setting in.

Out came the game boards, new recipes were made, everything that could be cleaned was, and many bowls of popcorn were eaten. But, none of this took the place of the friends and the freedom to do all the things we were used to doing.

Because the snow was so deep, the snow sports could not be enjoyed. No snowmobiling, skiing, skating, or even ice fishing. No car travel, walking was out of the question, and we did not own snowshoes.

Then it happened! We heard the snowplow. Look! What a welcoming sight.

But then reality set in. We were now “free” to travel but how many of their friends were. Everyone ran for the phone at the same time. We all grabbed each other and gave a group hug. We had a great four days together and we survived.

My daughter looked at us and said, “Great, now we can go to town and get something good to eat”.

After all the meals and snacks we prepared, she wanted something good? I had to question her what was “good”.

“Well, ice cream and cheese” she said.

Gwen Welk Workman, January 12, 2013

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