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Margaret Jensen, an author of several wonderful books, described this lady as no one else could do.

My very special friend and mentor, Dorothea Felton, was my nail in a secure place or as Margaret Jensen would say, "A Nail In A Sure Place." This is the title of one of her books. I highly recommend it along with her other books.

As a young teenager, I was very involved with Luther League where I grew up. I loved being a part of this organization, so I spent as much energy and time as I could. At that time, Boy River, Remer, Longville and Outing, Minnesota were a four-point parish. As all of us know, this area exploded in the summer.

Our regular pastor, Reverend Hilpert needed help. He had interned in Omaha, Nebraska and had met Harvey Anderson who was going to attend the Lutheran seminar in St. Paul. He did what it took to convince the congregation that we needed help. The church hired this young seminarian Harvey Anderson, who was our junior pastor for two summers. ((Authors’ note: Forty years later at my church in Plano, Texas, this same "Young man" was our Senior Pastor for ten years.)

Because resources were very limited, it was part of our early training to know that if you wanted something, you worked for it. Dorothea was one of our leaders and taught us well.

She had the most awesome recipe for fudge. Later it was dubbed "Luther League Fudge". Many of us came from few luxuries. Dorothea was no exception. Yet with the grace of one great lady, the love of Christ in her heart, and the dedication to teach, Dorothea spent many evenings helping us make fudge to sell at the next Smorgasbord at Salem Lutheran Church to raise funds for the next project.

She is a dedicated Lutheran using her talents to teach Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Released time, or any of the women’s groups. She is a leader serving in many capacities as kitchen coordinator of the Smorgasbords, leader of the Christmas chicken noodle dinners, quilt maker, member of the choir, soloist, council member or President of the Congregation or cleaner of all things church.

When my father, John Welk, (Punchy) passed away, the service was held at Salem Lutheran. I had been living in Texas for a couple of years at that time, so I was not involved in Salem as I once had been. After the service, we all gathered in the church basement for the traditional Lutheran fellowship and celebration of his life. You will never know the feeling that overcame me when I looked into the kitchen and saw my "Nail in a Secure Place". Yes, Dorothea was leading the ladies one more time in the manner that only she knew.

God has truly blessed us with this great Christian lady.

Thank you Dorothea for all you have given us. You truly are one of God’s angels.

Gwen Welk Workman, June, 2008

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