About our Company

Gwen's Magnus the Troll Book SeriesGwen Workman, owner of the Wooden SpoonGwen checking on her Norwegian bunad folk costume


I AM GWEN - the founder and owner of the Wooden Spoon where we proudly represent our Nordic Culture and Heritage in the oldest house in Plano, TX.

Thirty-four years ago, with a dream and a few dollars, I opened The Wooden Spoon in McKinney, Texas. Read about how I named my dream "The Wooden Spoon". Here I did a lot of catering and baking to stay in business. (Try my delicious Scandinavian Recipes).

Thirteen months later I moved to Fairview Farms in Plano, and then in 1992, I purchased the Forman Home, the oldest house in Plano, Texas, built in 1867! Much work was required to turn it into the lovely home it has now become.

As I look around, my mind says, "Do you realize that 35 years ago you had so little, and now you have a 4000 square foot home, filled with all the Scandinavian food and gifts, sitting on an 1/2 acre of land in Plano, Texas. Not luck, not by myself, but through hard work, with family, friends and customers, we have built a Nordic Cultural Center where everyone is welcome.

We entertain groups, give tours to children and do whatever it takes to teach the Nordic culture. Come join the many Scandinavian Clubs and Societies who meet here monthly at The Wooden Spoon.

Also, we have several annual parties.  First we celebrating our Anniversary, Stella Olson's Cooky Party, and Stations of Lefse where you learn to make it four different ways and the St. Lucia Christmas Celebration.

You will be greeted by Carol and/or Kay to assist you in your Scandinavian food and gift purchases or help you with questions.

Our home is cheerful and bright. We fill our corners with real plants and give you the feeling of "Coming Home for a Moment". Many times we have been told, our home smells just like Norway, or Denmark, etc.

Two little girls have bounced through the front door for the first time, took a look at me and said, "Hi Grandma!" This makes me so proud that I have captured the atmosphere that is typically Nordic.

If your child is doing a school report or needs to set up a table for International Day, please ask for our help. When you do, it becomes our project, and we will make it the best ever.

Planning a trip to Scandinavia can create a lot of questions too. Bring them in and we will help  in any way we can.  

Our door is open to all. Come share fellowship anytime.

And thanks for keeping The Wooden Spoon stirring for all of these years!

Gwen Welk Workman,

The Wooden Spoon